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Imperial Datacron Videos & Rakata Energy Cube Map, Belsavis

Pijian, May 31, 12 7:13 PM.
Follow this link to view YouTube videos posted by Degren of Friends and Pals showing all Datacrons on all the planets Empire Datacrons  (note he didn't show a guide for +10 ones on the fleet). The link goes to the first one of his series of 15, just scroll through the others to see them for other planets.

Note, he made this video before 1.2 and there are some terrain differences so look through feedback comments to see how other people have got the datacrons.

I found this map helpful in gathering the 4 Rakata Energy Cubes to unlock the green matrix shard on Belsavis. 

All Classes!!! Download This Tool

Durdin, May 8, 12 6:47 AM.
Great New Tool, Try it Out
Have you ever wanted to know exactly how hard you are hitting?
Want to know what your biggest Crit heal was for that Eternity Vault run again?
Well my friends, look no further for now thanks to "Memories of Xendor" you can know...

Click Here To Download Zip File

Once you download it all you need to do is put the exe file anywhere you want it then
(I put mine in a folder on my desktop)
  Turn on "combat logging" in your SWTOR preferences.
Start the exe and show it where to find the logs and you're good to go
"C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Star Wars - The Old Republic\CombatLogs"
(this is where to look)

Operations Runs

Durdin, Apr 26, 12 10:44 AM.

We will be starting weekly operations runs. With these longer more in depth mission’s communication is key, and because of that we will be asking all participants to download and use TeamSpeak. The program is free and if you don't have a mic you don't need to spend money getting one. All we ask is you listen. This way we can relay specific strategies for the battles without needing to type them constantly. With everyone able to hear it will go much faster, and make the team dynamic more fluid which improves everyone's gaming experience. We want as many guild members as possible to be a part of the operations runs so the whole guild can grow, and get geared as fast as we can. That way we will all be able to take on the next stage of end game content, hard mode and nightmare mode operation.

Once you get the program you can contact any other guild member to get the log in info and password, or any other questions that you may have.

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